Explore Costa Rica with Meet the People Tours

From the white sands of the Caribbean, our journey takes us past geothermal springs, lush cloud forest, and includes visits to inspiring fair trade groups.

In a country where roughly a quarter of land is protected in parks and reserves we’ll meet farmers whose passion for fair trade and working in harmony with nature is protecting their future.

We meet the proud growers of a whole host of delicious goodies. Tasting pineapple and mangoes fresh from the fields and enjoying the rich aroma of fair trade coffee brewing on the farm, are only some of the highlights of this new tour.

Our tour also takes us on a journey through stunning natural scenery as we explore volcanic craters, relax in hot springs, watch the weather as we pass over the Continental Divide, spot monkeys and sloths hanging about in the National Parks!

For more information about our November tour visit our website by clicking here. Or contact Hannah or Lizzie in the office by calling 0191 2651110 or  emailing us at [email protected]