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Global adventures start with a local perspective – that’s our philosophy. Whether abroad, or just as importantly at home, the start point is the same; how to get the most enjoyable holiday for our customers while benefiting the local people, economy and respecting the environment.

We may not all be responsible all the time or even in the same ways, but we all have a responsibility. Without getting too worthy about it - being responsible is about getting a little bit more out of your travels and about putting a bit back.

In the design and running of our holidays we look to follow our Responsible Tourism Policy.

You as our customer can also make a difference. Here is some food for thought:

  • St Augustine once said’ the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.’ Travel can be a great education, for those open to it, it enables them to question their assumptions about the world, and their way of life, themselves and so many things we all take for granted at home. Be open without questioning to quickly the way of life and norms of others.

  • Read up on the countries / region you plan to visit – the welcome will be warmer if you take an interest and speak even a few words of the local language take note of the dress codes and customs, all of which your leader can advise you on.

  • Realise that often the people in the country you are visiting have different time concepts and thought patterns from your own.

  • Respect for local cultures, traditions and holy places earns you respect. Asking questions enables you to discover the enrichment of seeing a different way of life through others eyes.

  • Try the local food and specialities. Many rural areas around the world are under threat from a reduction in their agricultural base and by eating locally produced goods you will help the local farmers as well as the local economy.

  • Always ask permission before taking pictures of people, ritual events or special places like shrines. If people seem reluctant or look away then do not take a picture. Be careful not to cause offence and do not take offence if they say no.

  • Ask your guide for advice on how to respond to begging and about appropriate gifts. It is usually better, for example, to give school materials or local food treats as a group, through the leader.

  • Cycling is an environmentally friendly form of getting around, think about how you get to and from the start and finish point. Can you use public transport, rather than drive or fly?

  • Extravagant displays of wealth such as ostentatious jewellery and technological gadgetry can be an incitement to robbery, as well as accentuating the gap between rich and poor.

  • Help the local economy by buying local produce in preference to imported goods. If bargaining to buy an item, while it maybe the norm and expected in certain places bear in mind that a small amount to you could be extremely important to the seller.

  • Use water sparingly – it is precious in many countries and the local people may not have sufficient clean water.

  • Don't discard litter. Consider what you really need to take with you. Waste disposal systems in many countries are ill equipped to deal with the increased pressures that tourism brings, Waste disposal is a major expense in poorer countries.

  • Take environmentally friendly detergents and shampoos for hand and hair washing, and use as little as possible. This will help to keep valuable fresh water supplies, rivers, streams and the sea free from pollution. Wash well away from the water source to prevent the ingredients of soap polluting someone else's drinking water.

  • Do not buy products made from endangered species, hard woods, shells from beach traders, or ancient artefacts (they maybe stolen).

Developing responsible tours is an ongoing process. Let us know your thoughts on our tours and how you feel they could be more responsible and on our policy more generally - email [email protected]

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