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About Us

Our holidays

Wonderful scenery, amazing people, unforgettable experiences... these are what make a holiday extra special. On a Meet The People Tour you get all of this - and so much more.

Offering small groups of people an opportunity to gain an authentic insight into a country’s people and culture, we visit fair trade producers and development projects far removed from any tourist trail. Around a shared interest in fair trade, you will experience life in local communities and enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of a country’s natural wonders and cultural heritage.

Undertaken on fair trade terms and working in partnership with local people in long-term relationships, the focus of this small group travel is on making a light footprint.

Essential Ingredients

While our tours may vary a little in the blend, they share the same essential ingredients:

  • An opportunity to meet local people in their local environment

  • The chance to enjoy beautiful wildlife and scenery

  • Time with fair trade producers and other development projects

  • Visits to important religious and historic sites

  • Time to discuss and learn about a wide range of local and international issues

  • Travel in small groups of like-minded individuals

  • Great travel experiences.

Why book with us?

Running unique tours of this nature is not inexpensive but over 98% of our travellers say our holidays provide value for money. And with over 96% of travellers rating their experiences as being very good or excellent, you can be sure of an authentic, rewarding and memorable holiday. Last year nearly half of our travellers had been on a Meet the People Tour before, and with over 96% of those returning from tours recommending our holidays, you can be sure that you'll be travelling in friendly groups of like-minded fair trade supporters, all looking for great travel experiences. 

A perfect partnership

Meet the People Tours are organised by Skedaddle in partnership with Traidcraft. Combining Traidcraft’s expertise as one of the leaders of the international fair trade movement with Skedaddle’s experience of running tours for over 20 years, we can ensure a very special and unique holiday. 


Skedaddle was set up in 1995 by Andrew Straw and Paul Snedker, both seasoned travellers and experienced cyclists, Saddle Skedaddle has established itself as the largest independent cycling holiday company in the UK. To find out more, visit

Paul worked at Traidcraft for over 8 years as Director of International Business Services in Traidcraft Exchange, and left in 2001 to run Skedaddle full time. Lizzie is the Product Manager for the Meet the People Tours, looking after our existing tours and developing new ones, and when she's very lucky, occasionally gets to join one! Lizzie joined Skedaddle in 2005 after working for Shared Interest and volunteering with the Newcastle Fairtrade Partnership. Hannah joined the team in 2018 and as a lover of fair trade and travel is excited to answer your questions and help you find the right trip.

Skedaddle's links to, and knowledge of Traidcraft and fair trade, and experience of the tourism industry, make us ideally placed to provide these unqiue and specical experiences.


Traidcraft are the original fair trade pioneers in the UK, advocating the importance of organic farming, sustainability and transparency to the lives of growers and artisans around the world. Traidcraft began running a small range of study tours over 20 years ago and they have since changed and evolved over time. With the growing interest in fair trade and the broader cultural and development issues connected to it, the partnership with Skedaddle has enabled the Meet the People Tours to develop and grow giving more supporters and friends the opportunity to see the benefits of fair trade. Find out more here

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