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The Key Ingredients

If you’re interested in fair trade and are looking for an opportunity to meet the people behind the products, to see the impact of fair trade, then these holidays are for you.

You’ll learn something of the different cultures, visit development projects and sites of interest, meet a wide variety of people, including some Traidcraft producers and have your ideas of developing countries challenged. Our tours are much more than a holiday.

The key ingredients for all our tours are:

• time with Traidcraft producers and other projects of broad development interest

• tours to places of historic interest and religious sites to better appreciate peoples cultures

• the chance to see the beautiful countryside and wildlife of these countries

• a chance to meet local people in their local environment

• the opportunity to discuss and learn about a rwide variety of local and international issues

• travel with groups limited to a maximum of 12 people offering the chance to be part of a small group of likeminded individuals

Accommodation will vary depending on the country but will tend to be in locally owned mid-range hotels and guest houses. Travel within country will be by varied means to give a broad appreciation of how transport operates in another cultural setting.

Working solely with local guides and utilising their knowledge we assemble itineraries designed to give an in-depth experience of a country, its people and its culture. This is not mass-market tourism, but travel on a human scale with people as the focus - both the travellers themselves and those who are interacting with them in different settings.

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